2017 – already a bumper year for Whitby Community Choir

It’s already been a fabulous year for the choir – we competed at The Eskdale Festival local choirs evening and came away with a 1st, 2nd and joint 2nd place, and we supported Folk Award nominee Jim Causley at a local gig with the most wonderful feedback.  The choir certainly seems to have come of age in this, it’s 13th year.

In the coming weeks we are rehearsing intensively as we will be competing at the Eskdale Festival nation choir day, and then we are preparing to take part in the Street Choir festival in Kendal.

All prospective singers are welcome to come and give it a try – you never know, you might like it!


Christmas in Summer.

Whitby Community Choir has been asked by the Council to sing at the launch of their Christmas Market / lights turn on in November.

As part of the promotion of the event, we have been asked to sing a selection of our finest Christmas songs on what promises to be a pretty decent mid-August day.  That should serve to unsettle the summer holiday makers on both counts…

We will be singing at 3pm Friday 12 August at Dock End, Whitby.

Streetchoirs Whitby 2015: what a weekend!

What an amazing weekend of solid music from all the lovely choirs who came and soaked up the gorgeous sun and filled the Spa and the town with a huge variety of song.

Thank you to everyone who came and used their voices, shared their songs and their love of singing, thank you to all the extra stewards who came and helped, to all our workshop leaders, our stage managers, our MCs, the Streetchoir Committee, the superb bands who played on Friday night, and to our Musical Director Rebecca.  And somehow, the members of Whitby Community Choir managed to steward and assist some 1000 visiting singers and still reserve the energy to sing at 11.30 on Saturday night to bring the formal concert to a close.

Now on a rainy Monday in Whitby, suddenly all the hard work of preparation is over and we return to normal life.  Thank you finally to the weather then…

Only 7 days to go to Streetchoir Whitby 2015

UYV pink on blackAs if there wasn’t enough to do in the organising of it all, we at Whitby Community Choir have to learn some songs into the bargain – mustn’t forget that!  But the adrenalin will carry us through. The songs for the mass sing on Saturday are brilliant and will sound superb sung by 1,000 voices.  And after that, there’ll be busking about town, followed by, guess what, an evening of singing, where every choir will get their turn to perform at the Spa. What’s not to like?

Eskdale Festival Choir Day Saturday 11 April 2015

Yes, Eskdale Festival Choir Day draws close: we’ve got 9 songs – some new, some old – entered over 4 classes during the day, and extra long rehearsal this Wednesday to get everything ship-shape and Whitby fashion.  We relish a challenge; let’s have at ’em!

You’ll be able to see us at Whitby Pavilion in classes starting at 11.00, 14.00, 16.15 and 18.00.


Streetchoir:Whitby 10-12 July 2015

The theme for this year’s festival is ‘Use Your Voice!’

The Streetchoir festival means many things to many people, but we at Whitby Community Choir have realised that the thing that truly unifies all of us is our shared love of song. Although many of the choirs who come to the festival are choirs that campaign for their ’cause’, many of the choirs are born of a need for community, a sense of belonging and a shared love of that glorious thing that brings us all together – SINGING!

So go on – USE YOUR VOICE – to laugh, share, spread your message, gossip, whisper, giggle, sigh, sympathise, empathise, love, rage, rebel, change the world – but most of all, SING!